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A individualized assessment of structural and muscular imbalances of the musculoskeletal system.

  • 1 h
  • Byte Court

Service Description

Most conditions that cause musculoskeletal pain or dysfunction are due to imbalances in the structural and muscles surrounding the joints. It is typical for many people to spend the day sitting and walking. For some, an hour is spent on exercise using different muscle groups, verses the other approximate 14 hours of the day. One can easily see how the muscles used in sitting and walking are used far more than those that move the body in the opposite directions. In general, the muscles used in sitting primarily involve the flexor groups. Those are the muscle groups that, if contracted completely, would draw a person into the fetal position. The extensor muscles pull in the opposite direction. An example, is someone moving into a standing posture after squatting.

Contact Details

  • 11 Byte Court, Frederick, MD, USA

    + US301-865-6534



At the heart of the practice, Dr. Leah Griswold, a dedicated Chiropractor and Functional Medicine practitioner, is revolutionizing holistic wellness.  She believes in the power of integrated care, uniquely combining Chiropractic adjustments with Physical Therapy and Lifestyle coaching  to unlock unparalleled health benefits. Each client embarks on a personalized journey to wellbeing, with Dr. Griswold's one-on-one attention ensuring every session is tailored to your body's needs. Experience a transformative approach to health, where your care is of the utmost priority.  

Dr. Leah Griswold
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