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Many of the fruits and vegetables we buy in the grocery store are void of vitamins and especially, minerals.  Factory farmed beef can be lower in Vitamin E, B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, potassium and Omega-3 fatty acids, not to mention the stress hormones passed on from unhealthy living conditions.  Finding a local farmer where you can get fresh organically grown in season vegetables and fruits is fundamental to good health. Not to mention it is easy and no more expensive when you consider the quality of the food.  Not to mention the pesticides and preservatives that can negatively impact blood sugar, as well as the immune and reproductive systems.

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Pleasant Hill Produce in Walkersville

Growing high quality vegetables since 2014, this farm provides a diverse selection of healthy, delicious, fresh, safe and cleaned produce.  You can join a no commitment, fully-customizable CSA (community share agriculture).  It is pay as you go. Everything was fresh and delicious. Home Delivery and several local pick up locations are available.


This farm also has eggs, meat, cheese, bread, honey and kombuchu. Vegetables/fruits from May to July include beets, broccoli, cabbage, garlic scapes, lettuce, peas, spinach, spring onions, kale, radish, raspberries, strawberries, kohlrabi and herbs.  

Visit the website at or contact Farmer Ben with any questions or 301-471-2699

Harmony Springs in Middletown


A small, pasture-based farm raising pigs and chickens. The following quote is from their website:

"Health, nutrition, and lots of love are our guiding tenets. Healthy land, healthy animals, healthy people. We believe the energy and quality that we put into our animals, is what you get out of them. Providing healthy diets, compassionate care, and an environment they can thrive on makes for happy, stress-free animals and a high quality product. Our love for our animals give us a great amount of accountability to give them the best lives we can while they’re with us". 

If you found a local farm that you like it can be added to this list and shared with others!

11 Byte Court, Suite C

  Frederick, MD 21702



At the heart of the practice, Dr. Leah Griswold, a dedicated Chiropractor and Functional Medicine practitioner, is revolutionizing holistic wellness.  She believes in the power of integrated care, uniquely combining Chiropractic adjustments with Physical Therapy and Lifestyle coaching  to unlock unparalleled health benefits. Each client embarks on a personalized journey to wellbeing, with Dr. Griswold's one-on-one attention ensuring every session is tailored to your body's needs. Experience a transformative approach to health, where your care is of the utmost priority.  

Dr. Leah Griswold
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