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Most smart watches can measure a number of health elements.  Here are a few measurements that can give you lots of information:

REM, deep sleep, etc. - measurement of restoration
Heart rate variability - a measurement of stress

Steps, fat burning zones, etc.

Heart health
Heart rate, EKG, etc.

Blood glucose monitors
These are expensive and an insurance referral is often needed to make them affordable.  However, Insulin resistance is a marker for most chronic disease.  




At the heart of the practice, Dr. Leah Griswold, a dedicated Chiropractor and Functional Medicine practitioner, is revolutionizing holistic wellness.  She believes in the power of integrated care, uniquely combining Chiropractic adjustments with Physical Therapy and Lifestyle coaching  to unlock unparalleled health benefits. Each client embarks on a personalized journey to wellbeing, with Dr. Griswold's one-on-one attention ensuring every session is tailored to your body's needs. Experience a transformative approach to health, where your care is of the utmost priority.  

Dr. Leah Griswold
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